VCD Dance Schedule

Welcome back after summer break!
Continental Drift
Continental Drift is Eileen Nicholson and Eric Anderson
Magic Fantasy Dream Dance - at East Hills Moravian Church
3PM Challenging dances
5:30PM Famous Potluck Dinner
7PM New dancer instruction
7:30PM Evening Contra Dance
Afternoon English Country Dance 4PM
Pot Luck dinner 6PM
Contra Dance 7:30PM
John Gallagher
Too Hot Mamas- Janine Smith and Susan Taylor
ValleyCopia - Friday
Beth Molaro and Will Mentor
Cloud Ten and the Ripples
Dishevelled Wandering Stars
Special Gender-Free Workshop starting at 4PM, Potluck Dinner at 6PM, Dance at 7:30PM
Sprout (Eileen and Jill)